In the Red

This night in November wasn’t the first night I woke up thinking about how I would pay my credit card bills, but it was the first night it occurred to me that something else was wrong.

A Harvard Law School graduate, Jessica Pishko moved to New York City ready to take on the world. But she was hiding a shameful secret: a lifelong struggle with self-esteem and depression had evolved into a serious shopping addiction. Desperate to keep up appearances, she ran up huge credit card debt at clothing stores all over the city, hoping her outfits could make her the polished professional she dreamed she could be. It would take two lost jobs, $30,000 in debt, and bankruptcy before she could face her demons.

In this unflinching, relatable memoir, Pishko takes readers behind the curtain for a raw look at the life of a compulsive shopper who finally learned that the bumpy road to recovery is easier to travel without all the shopping bags.

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A Trial for Grace

A Southern Gothic crime novella

Lawyer Claire Dunning used to be able to see the tip of Manhattan from the window of her high-rise office. But after her married employer’s financial fraud is discovered—along with their secret affair—she moves from New York to a small town in North Carolina to start over, taking a job defending inmates condemned to death row.

Her first client, Grace, is a woman sentenced to death for the murder of her two-year-old daughter. After several years behind bars, Grace’s sanity is in question, and her story has been muddled by time, too much medication, and the brutal effects of isolation. Still, Claire tries to uncover the obscured details of the child’s tragic death and prove her client’s innocence—all while attempting to forget her own complicated past. Though try as she might, Claire cannot help but ask: Once the damage is done, is the question of guilt or innocence still relevant?

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